Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Agree or disagree with our boomer bloggers?2011 Oscar nominated movies were much more cerebral ie The King’s Speech and The Social Network.

All the nominees for Best Picture Academy Awards 2011 located here.

My wife are avid movie goers so here are our top 3 movies for 2010. Be sure to view the trailers on each movie.

Movies are some of the best ways to relive the “good old times”. They serve as reminders of eras that have past and can also be gateways to our own memories.

Our family watches a lot of movies in lieu of TV…we should have stock in NetFlix. Here are 3 terrific movies you may not know about.

This movie and song will forever be embeded in not only in my mind but all boomers. The song has become iconic for the sixties and for boomers who grew up in the sixties.

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