Wednesday, September 19th, 2018

The 8 baby boomers part of the title comes from a guest blog post she wrote for Baby Boomer Talk Online last year entitled 8 Baby Boomers Who Could Have Easily Bombed.

Here are two more important pieces of Wooden wisdom which we saved for Father’s Day Week – his Seven Point Creed and his Two Sets of Threes.

Jan shares….Here are 10 more favorites…all of which can help us be better managers, better coaches, better people – and get better results. Plus I have added 2 John Wooden videos.

Be generous with support and encouragement. Use resources wisely.

Personal Note and Thanks to Jan for providing this exceptional, inspiring and encouraging article. If you are not a subscriber to her blog shame on you.

This list has been assembled by request from a daily reader of Business Class, Mark Young.

If you’ve lost power, or never had any to begin with, how can you possibly make a difference? Why bother dreaming? Or trying to make a goal? Or even setting one? Someone or something will keep you from it anyway. Might as well forget about trying to make a difference in someone else’s life — much less your own.

PLEASE don’t listen to ANY of nonsense above!!! You have plenty of power. It might not be obvious. You may have to hunt around a bit. But it’s there somewhere. I hope this article will help you with search and discovery so that you find your power. And if you are a manager, I hope it will help you help others find theirs. A must for morale & productivity.

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