Saturday, September 22nd, 2018

Boomer and classmate of Roswell High School 1972 Laurie Rizan, contributes another timely and moving video.

Those crosses are a statement of support for Frankenmuth’s Christian foundation.

Two years ago an atheist living there complained about two crosses on a bridge in town. He requested that they be removed and the town removed them. Click on the title to read more…

Join filmmaker Ray Griggs in this documentary film, the film takes a provocative look at our deeply depressed economy using the words and actions of Presidents Reagan and Obama and shows the marked contrast between Reaganomics and Obamanomics.

She has been featured on hundreds of radio shows, documentaries such as Miracle Detectives, Superhuman Geniuses, Indigo and prime-time TV such as Oprah Winfrey Show, World News Tonight, Good Morning America, Glenn Beck Show/CNN, The View, Fox News, Montel Williams Show, Late Late Show, Lou Dobbs Show/CNN, Wayne Brady Show, Hour of Power, Supreme Master Television, TBN, Extreme Prophetic/Canada, Record Television/Brazil, etc.

If you were sitting there on the pier with your fishing line in the water, Ed might seem like ‘a funny old duck,’ as my dad used to say. To onlookers, he’s just another old codger, lost in his own weird world, feeding the seagulls with a bucket full of shrimp.

Here’s the story: In early 1940, Kate Smith, a fiercely patriotic American and the biggest star on radio was deeply worried about the country. She asked Irving Berlin if he could write her a song that would re-ignite the Spirit of American patriotism and faith. He had one he’d written in 1917, but never used, so he gave it to her.

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