Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

Bottom line: Baby Boomers can be key figures in soothing the impending worker shortage crisis. This looming shortage will result in fewer workers available to produce goods and services, threaten standards of living and dramatically reduce Medicare and Social Security funding. Higher employment rates among baby boomers could increase the labor force and reduce claims on retirement benefits.

These 10 tips will help that resume be noticed. Click now on the title to read more.

I just read this from the Wall Street Journal, a blog post from Jan Thomas.

She asks all the same questions, a lot baby boomers are asking! Where is the job search leading? What will be the long-term impact? How long can I sustain this state of limbo and still be confident of recovery? Is the successful part of my career essentially over?

Now the Action part for finding a job or referrals…DO NOT JUST READ HOW TO OBTAIN JOB REFFERALS AND MOVE ON. DO ONE ITEM PER WEEK. How hard is that!

Discover the 3 rules for using Linkedin. Everyone knows one of the best ways to obtain a job is by referral. As the cliche goes “It is not what you know, but who you know.”

If you are a member then get involved in different groups, invite past co-workers to connect, the list goes on and on. There are infinite possibilities.

Tweet Rising unemployment reinforces Boomers’ entrepreneurial bent. This was the headline from a recent Forbes Magazine article by Ashlea Ebeling. There is always negative news as the article reports, but Boomers do not expect to be handed anything. Do you know which age group has the highest rate of new business creation? 55 to 64. [...]

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