Wednesday, July 18th, 2018

“Fear doesn’t accomplish anything beneficial. It only hinders the incredible plans that God has for you.”

This is an excerpt from Joel Osteen’s new book and cd. I enjoy listening to Joel’s positive and uplifting messages, with all the negativity in the news about the world, he is a breath of positve faith.
Below is a example and a link where you may order the book or cd.

It’s Your Time: Activate Your Faith, Achieve Your Dreams, and Increase in God’s Favor

Get your hopes up. Raise your expectations. Your best days are in front of you.

In challenging times, it may be hard to see better days ahead. You may feel as though your struggles will never end, that things won’t ever turn around for you.

This is exactly the moment to put your faith into action and expect God’s blessings.

It’s your time to declare your faith, to look for God’s favor, and to give control of your life to Him so that you can find fulfillment in His plans for you!

It’s Your Time to believe.

It’s not easy to always be optimistic. Life can be difficult, and in hard economic times it’s not just your finances that suffer. Your relationships can be strained. Your health can be stressed. Bad habits can return and negative thoughts can take over.

When one part of your life after another takes a bad turn, you can feel like there is no end in sight, no way out. The truth is, maybe you don’t have an answer. But God does! Maybe you don’t have the strength. But God does!

It’s Your Time for favor.

Other people’s opinions do not determine your potential. What they said or what they think about you does not change God has placed on the inside….

Below are the first 4, please click on the title to read all 7.
1. Keep pressing forward.
2. Be positive.
3. Develop better relationships.
4. Form better habits.

Joel Osteen is the Pastor of Lakewood Church, in Houston Texas.

Don’t let the regrets of yesterday destroy…

To Go Somewhere You Have Never Been…you have to do something you have never done. Joel Osteen, Pastor, Lakewookd Church, Houston, Tx.

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