Sunday, August 19th, 2018

“Too many people are having what might be called ‘near-life experiences.’ They go through life bunting, so afraid of failure that they never try to win the big prizes, never knowing the thrill of hitting a home run or even taking a swing at one. Don’t let the fear of failure stop you.”

“Impress people about your successes…Impact people tell them about your failures.”

It’s been said that a lot can be learned about what a person values by examining two things: their calendar and their bank statement.

The willingness to take greater risks is a major key to achieving success, and you may be surprised that it can solve two very different kinds of problems.

Leaders don’t impart vision to make people feel good, but rather to…

How did James Cameron direct a movie as incredible as Titanic or Avatar? How is Alicia Keys able to write world-class music in an era when few elite performers pen their own lyrics? How does Pixar keep churning out animated blockbusters?

The answers all involve vision.

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