Thursday, July 19th, 2018

You HAVE to hear about the newly discovered roadblock that is keeping you from dropping 225% more body fat, boosting energy levels, reversing poor health.

They say, “Timing is everything.” When it comes to eating food that will make you leaner and stronger, this old saying is the key to the new-you.

The average person gains ten pounds over the holidays, but the problem with any holiday weight gain is that people who take on extra pounds during this time rarely lose them.

Ah, the power of protein. Despite the various myths surrounding protein, many of which I’ll dispose of today, carbs and fats still rule the roost when it comes to nonsense.

This is a longer article than usual. Read it if you want to find out how you literally can burn bodyfat while you snore…even if you do not snore at night!

Is the size of your waistline actually related to the size of your pocketbook?

New evidence points to a connection between obesity and poverty…
in the richest countries on earth.

The bigger your waistline, the smaller your wallet.

Sounds crazy, right? Click on the title to read more.

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