Monday, August 20th, 2018

Tweet Gas prices are on track to break all previous price records in 2012. The impact on small businesses and individuals will be significant because of the many transportation needs that arise each and everyday. Certain actions can be taken to reduce unnecessary costs to trim wasteful spending from the monthly expenses. Creative planning will [...]

Boomers, no matter where you are in your life’s journey, you can begin today to be very intentional about leaving a positive influence.

Tweet Focus Quotes “The secret of business and life, especially these days, is to focus relentlessly on your unfair advantage – the thing you do that others don’t.” ~ John Rollwagen, executive Charlie Page of The Directory of Ezinesshares with us about how to focus. He is speaking about internet marketing but the rules apply [...]

Here at Baby Boomer Talk Online our baby boomer fitness expert Jon Benson regularly contributes numerous ways to how to stay fit and lose weight. But one item we have not discussed is how to ensure you DO exercise.

Here are some great ways to stock up your relationship freezer…Click on the title to find out.

Male or female, young or old, religious or not, everybody seems to love Christmas. The fun, the giving, the excitement, the children, the food, the tradition – what’s not to love?

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